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Re: Large tank/fluidized bed

As a note on Mark's observations, it is essential to maintain constant 
flow through a FB filter.  If the water flow stops, like during a power 
outage, the sand rapidly goes anaerobic, the biological filter bacteria 
die and then you get a major ammonia spike.  Same thing will happen if 
it gets clogged, thus prefiltering is essential.

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>> Just to offer another point of view - a friend of mine has a 
fluidized bed
>> column.  We have played around with it a lot, and have found it to be 
>> major pain in the butt.  If proper flow is not maintained through it, 
>> can be negative consequences.  There are some web sites out there 
about it.
>> Can't offer any URLs, though.
>I have a flow control valve in front of mine.  I've never had to 
>adjust it after I got the initial flow right.
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