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Re: Large tank construction

Fluidized bed filters are biological filters only and should have 
mechanical filtration occuring before the water enters the fluidized bed 
filter.  There are several brands of prefilters available that will trap 
most of the particulate matter.  Also,  keep in mind that neither most 
prefilters nor the fluidized bed filter will perform chemical 
filtration, which is usually accomplished with activated carbon, which 
will capture dissolved organics and toxins.  Many aquarists use canister 
filters in conjunction with a fluidized bed filter.  The canister filter  
performs mechanical and chemical filtration then routes the filtered 
water to the fluidized bed for biological filtration before it re-enters 
the tank.

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>I have seen the fluidized bed filters and read a bit about them. My
>concern is lack of mechanical filtering. With a plant tank there can
>be lot of stuff to clog up  filter intakes. Of course smaller pieces
>flow into the filter itself. Is that not going to be a problem with a
>fluidized bed filter?
>Jeff <*\\><
>>>Don't use a wet/dry if you are thinking of keeping plants.  My
>toy (well, about a year old now) is a fluidized bed filter.
>Inexpensive, compact, and NO maintenance!  No sump to run over
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