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Blue Pike

What article is this and where are these scanned photos?


> From: Bob Pawelski <pawelskb at pce_net>
> To: robertrice at juno_com
> Subject: Blue Pike
> Date: Thu, 23 Jul 1998 22:50:11 -0400
> Message-ID: <35B7F663.669B at pce_net>
> Robert,
> I read one of your articles on bluepike and found it very interesting.
> With last week's breakthrough in cloning, possible specimens in Canada,
> a frozen bluepike under analysis in Amherst NY, and Lake Erie's clean
> zebra mussel filtered water, what looked like absolute extinction could
> turn out to an unprecedented ressurection of a once extinct species.  My
> dad tells me the stories of filling wooden boats with bluepike until you
> could not see the floor! You mentioned in your article you had some
> scanned photos of bluepike.  Could you e-mail them to me or tell me
> where I can see them? Any leads you may have on bluepike info would be
> greatly appreciated.  Thanks.
> Bob Pawelski
> pawelskb at pce_net