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Re: NANFA-- Logpearch info needed


I have found the logperch to be the one darter species that is easy to feed
and keep alive in the aquarium.  I have two, about 5" long, in a tank with
maybe 20 juvenile to subadult L megalotis, one large blacknose dace and one
4" black bullhead.  The logperch are aggressive enough to compete for the
Doromin sticks and flake food that I feed this tank almost exclusively.  So
the good news is that logperch can often be acclimated to eating prepared
foods.  But...newly caught fish will need to be trained to eat dry stuff.  I
agree with the others' suggestions of starting out with frozen and freeze
dried stuff.  I like to add the prepared food along with that to associate
it with the good stuff.  The main thing will be to get the fish used to
taking food dropped into the tank.  Then they'll start to sample everything.
Keep some corys or hardy suckers (I like white and chubsuckers) with them to
clean up any uneaten food.  

The downside of logperch is that they are somewhat aggressive and should not
be kept with more passive and delicate darters and minnows.  I keep mine in
a tank with a powerhead and UG filter.  Strong current is not required, but
decent oxygenation is recommended.  

I like the fact that these guys can be kept with the aggressively feeding
sufishes.  Actually, I have some well-acclimated rainbow darters that I am
also keeping with juvenile sunfish in another tank, so it can done.

Mark Binkley
mbinkley at earthling_net
Columbus Ohio USA