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I keep a minnow trap set out most all the time off my pier. Today when
I pulled it in I expected to find the usual sunnies and hopefully a
new shiner or two. When I looked in I was shocked to see a zebra
stripped fish! I didn't even have a bucket to put them in because I
was expecting to release them all.

Yesterday I took a leaky 10 gallon and set it up in the boathouse with
UGF and filled it with lake water. Thought this would be a good place
to dump and then sort them latter once they are calmer.  I hurried and
just dumped the contents into the tank without taking time to see what
else was in there!

Best I can tell this is a Logpearch (plate 41 in Peterson's) Yet mine
is nearly white/silver and VERY black stripes. Quite a striking fish!
Any ideas on how I keep it alive? Will it adapt to the tank or will it
just die? This fish came out of a dammed up lake so current is
minimal. Mostly a mud or sand bottom, similar to my two tanks with

Any ideas on what to feed him?

If I can keep him alive I want more of these guys! I had no idea that
they were in the lake! It is quite a nice looking fish. Not nearly as
drab as it shows in Peterson's.

Jeff <*\\><
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from him." Mark 4:24,25
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