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Re: Large tank construction

>>I know a guy in West Virginia who has a 200 something gallon for
It's glass.  Could save you a lot of trouble. <<

Always in the market for a bargin! If you don't mind find out how much
and what size.

>> Don't see how you will do a tank with three glass sides and
plywood.  I've never seen a plywood tank with more than one glass
side. <<

Well it is actually pretty straight forward. You are just letting the
plywood be a frame that you glue the glass to. Just have to add some
braces across the top so that the tank does not spread. I have never
seen one done like I want to do but I have seen them with a glass
front and 2 sides. I just want to do front, back and one side with

>> I have a 220 gal glass tank.  I run it with three UG filter plates
and three 1150 powerheads only.  Works fine.  Could be a simpler
solution for you.<<

The problem with UGF for me is two fold. First that wont allow for the
best planted substates. I used kitty litter (clay with sand or gravel
over that) The other is that since front and back (long sides) of the
tank would be open I have no place to run 110 volt power except in the
hood. Or I would have to run long extension cords in the hood. That
scares me.

Thanks for the ideas though!