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Re: Large tank construction

Casper I think you have a great idea there! Rocky gravel floor and
then a planted pool, best of both worlds!

Since only one of the ends of tank will be hidden that is where I have
to do most of my plumbing so I can keep it hidden. I am thinking about
drilling a hole in the bottom on the far (exposed) end and putting in
an overflow pipe there for the return to the filter. That would be
easy to hide with a large bush plant of two and would make the water
flow from one end to the other. I would prefer to put the gravel end
there but there is no place to put in 110 Volts for power heads. Of
course the other end where the filter is dumping in the water will
have the strongest current. So it would be more natural to have a
rocky creek area there.

I think I am going to build a wet/dry filter. By doing that I could
add a float valve and a water supply line to the sump and it would
automatically add for evaporation. When I vacuumed the tank the auto
fill would add water for me to the sump. That would be almost to
easy!! :-) Add a drain in the cabinet and I could leave a python
hooked up all the time! WOW this just gets better all the time!

I have been think that an floor drain under the cabinet is almost a
must! This tank would be surrounded by hardwood floors. Might be a bit
extreme but I even thought about having a metal or fiberglass pan made
and put in the cabinet when it is built. Then adding a shower drain in
the bottom going into the drain lines. Would be straight forward and
easy to do on a new house.

Keep those idea coming! I hope to get this right the first time!

Jeff <*\\><
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from him." Mark 4:24,25
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