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Re: Large tank construction

i too often think of building a large tank in my planned home... dividing the
living room and hallway. i would definitly plumb it in with a catch basin and
drain underneath to minimize any disasters. i would also incorporate a infeed
providing a constant non- labor water change... a steady ( adjustable )
trickle in and a trickle drain out. plenty of ground fault wiring. & perhaps
venting a ac duct to the aquarium to keep natives a bit cooler.
i like your idea about a portion of the substrate being ug filtered and the
other  planted. i would have my inlet/upstream side originating as a
cave/springhead riffleing down through ug filtering gravel and finalizing in a
poolish heavily planted area with a  trickle drain outlet. various
strategically placed power heads and canister filter inlets/outlets would
provide the initial blast flow from the cave/spring.
keep posting... let the ideas flow... many of us are interested