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Re: Large tank construction

Moontanman at aol_com Wrote:

>>It just so happens I build large tanks from plywood and glass, they
last forever, well 15 years plus on the oldest one so far, I can give
some pointers if you want.<<

Well you must be the fellow I needs to chat with! I was thinking of
exactly this type of tank. The general thinking is 96"L x 18"W x 24"T.
Three sides open with the one end for filters and plumbing. . Rough
guess is 250 gallons. (Sure could hold a lot of fish and plants!!!!)

I am a wood worker and have worked with wood boats and epoxy. So it
all seems pretty straight forward to me. I am sure there are some
things that you only learn by doing. In other words OPPS! Didn't think
of that!! Got any of those to share?

Probably the biggest question at this point is filtering this puppy!
As large as it is I am thinking wet/dry filter. Hang on filters are
out of the question since 3 sides are open to the rooms. Canister is
another option but it would take 2 or three of them I think.  So W/D
seems to be the best option. Regardless of which one I do have a
question on plumbing.

What is the best way to get the water in and out? Overflow box of
pipe? I think I need to remove water on one end and then I need to
return it on the other end so that I keep a flow through the tank. I
don't see much other option but to drill the floor of the tank and run
plumbing from the bottom. Any suggestions? I am also thinking of using
PVC instead of tubing. This should help keep algae down. There will be
a lot of plumbing and not to easy to get to and clean out either.

Since this is not really native fish related should we take this off
the list and discuss this privately? Or are there others that are
interested in building a large tank? If it should be off-list just let
me know guys!

Jeff <*\\><
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