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Re: photographing fish ?

>>I was wondering if anyone out there has any suggestions on what film
and lighting would be best for taking fish pictures. <<

Have done a fair amount of Photography in my life but must confess
that fish have not been one I have tried (yet). However I picked up a
good tip a while back. Remove your hood and light you tank with lights
that you were farmiliar with, that is knew what the color temprature

 I had a One Hour Photo and we copied a lot of old photos. We used
regular daylight film and lite the photos with Incandesent bulbs. Then
used a blue filter (forget the number now) to correct for the color.
We got very good results.

So when I finally get around to trying this I figure on taking some
cheap clip-on lights fixtures with 150 wat flood bulbs and placing
them around the tank to light it. Then just using regular film or what
ever spead it takes. Check the first shots and then make any
corrections from there.

Jeff <*\\><
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