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Re: Freshwater Sponges (Was ZEBRA MUSSELS A BAD THING :( )

The freshwater dolphins are found in the upper Amazon.  A local legend 
holds that they can mutate into humans at night and visit nubile maidens 
who cannot resist their charms, thereby causing out-of-wedlock 
pregnancies.  Seems the natives protect the dolphins to maintain the 

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>> And then there's freshwater sharks and dolphins.  I've heard of bull 
>> traveling up the Miss to St Louis. 
>It's true.  Haven't heard about the dolphins, tho'.
>Greater American Freshwater Fishes Resource Site (GAFFeRs):  
>"Fie on thee, fellow!  Whence come these fishes?" - Scheherazade
>"Any fish with good teeth is liable to use them." - Wm. T. Innes

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