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Re: Freshwater Sponges (Was ZEBRA MUSSELS A BAD THING :( )

Triops are also known as tadpole shrimp, common in vernal pool 
environments.  It is my understanding that they are a serious pest in 
rice plantations in the South and in California, where pesticides are 
used to kill them.  Seems that the tadpole shrimp do so much rooting 
around that the young rice plants are uprooted and the plants then die. 
There was an interesting two part writeup on triops a few months ago, 
which I believe was in FAMA.

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>They are a shrimp.  They live in temporary pools in the Desert SW (I
>believe...but that could be wrong)  The adults lay eggs and die, then 
>eggs blow around with the wind until another pool forms and they hatch.
>Sometimes it can take years.  I bought a batch of commercially sold 
eggs a
>month back but didn't have much luck with it.  (1 stinkin' shrimp).  
>take some eggs too if you have enough.
>Luke McClurg
>P.O. Box 141
>Meriden, KS 66512
>On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Mark Binkley wrote:
>> >I would also be interested in freshwater sponges.  Also, to all 
interested the
>> >triops eggs are ready to be sent if I am provided with addresses.
>> What's a triops???
>> Mark Binkley
>> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
>> mbinkley at earthling_net
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