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Re: Freshwater Sponges (Was ZEBRA MUSSELS A BAD THING :( )

Actually, freshwater sponges are quite similar to marine species.  Both 
are sedentary filter feeders. In order to be compatible with fw sponges, 
a waterway must have slow current without spring ice scouring.  They 
look like a bit of foam rubber on a stick or other fixed surface and are 
the home of an aquatic insect that is dependent upon them for food, 
although I can't remember the name of the insect at the moment.

Suggest that a captive situation would have just a slight current and 
limited or no filtration to allow enough food to be available to the 
sponges.  Also would not want excessive lighting to avoid algae clogging 
the sponges.

I found them in a short section of a stream emptying a warmwater pond in 
Marshfield, VT.  Very limited velocity and good overhead cover, very 
little algal growth, lots of sand and cobble rock substrate.

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>>Michael: I know where I might be able to get some freshwater sponges 
>>least where there use to be some
>i didnt know such a thing existed. can you tell us more about these

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