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Large tank construction

We are thinking of selling and building a new house. Tonight as we
worked on house plans we talked about where the tanks were going to go
etc. (good wife!). Well to solve one problem we started talking about
putting a 120-180 gallon with a nice stand as a room divider. The more
we talked and sketched we started thinking about a custom built 8 foot
long tank. Probably 18 inches wide and not sure on the height.

Obviously there is a LOT to be thought about here. Do anyone have any
Web Sites saved that have articles on tank construction? I have read
some but don't think I saved them.

Not to brag but you can you imagine a tank 8 foot long and open on
both sides??? WOW!!

Jeff <*\\><
"Consider carefully what you hear", he continued "With the measure you
use it, it will be measured to you -- and even more.  Whoever has will
be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken
from him." Mark 4:24,25
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