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collecting 7/12/98

		Did some collecting this eve. in lovely downtown Davie.   : )    Got a few
tadpole madtoms and a couple of blue spotteds.
Also, I have caught F. chrystotus, but am now confused beause a species I
thought was chrysotus doesn't fit the description in the Petersons guide or
the ones I've caught that do. The odd one is very yellow bodied with
irredescent golden spots. Does anyone know if this is chrysotus as female or
juvenile or something else. 
		I removed 22 salvini, one by hook. And caught by hook also a beautiful male
redbreasted blue gill. Him I put back. : )
		And now for the odd catch of the day. It's about 3 1/2",
a body similar to a darter, 2 seperate dorsal fins the 2nd higher , the 1st
with 7 spines, the 2nd with 10. Round tail. It's coloring at the time of
removal was light olive yellow on the body to white belly with pale red
spots,irradically along it's flank. It's dorsal and anal fins are clear but
mottled with pale pink. Large round, clear pectoral fins. Though darter like
in appearance, body shape and fins, it's eyes are lower on it's head, more
like a top minnow. I'm baffled, nothing in the book on this one, any ideas out