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Re: Freshwater Sponges (Was ZEBRA MUSSELS A BAD THING :( )

Thanks folks!  Learn something new everyday.  Appreciate the fast


On Tue, 21 Jul 1998, David E. Boruchowitz wrote:

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> >I read in "Ripleys Believe it or Not" that there are some sharks in a
> >freshwater lake somewhere around Nicaragua.  Anyone know if thats true?
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> >LM
> Bull sharks inhabit Lake Nicaragua. They've been described as landlocked,
> but recently sharks tagged in the lake are reported to have been found at
> sea. I don't know if that's been confirmed, or if they've found sharks
> tagged at sea showing up in the lake.
> Bull sharks are also common in all Florida rivers. While in Orlando a few
> years back, I saw on the news a helicopter video of a large school of lemon
> and bull sharks in the river--50 miles from the ocean. They spent several
> days there before heading back to sea.
> David.
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