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Re: Intro and Advice requested

Hello Sajjad,

  I'll let the more experience breeders answer your main questions...I'm
just finishing my rookie year myself.  Can I interest you in some free
fish?  I'm giving away free Red Shiners (Cyprinell lutrensis) to anyone
who asks...and especially to beginners to help them get started.  They
aren't too fussy about their water conditions as I've found them in cold
streams, stagnant pools and large rivers.  I think they make an excellent
beginner fish for native enthusiasts.  All you would need to do is
reimburse me for the postage (generally less than $10) and as you are a
beginner, I'll throw in a shipping box as well.  Let me know if you're

Luke McClurg

On Mon, 20 Jul 1998, Sajjad Lateef wrote:

> Hello all,
> 	My name is Sajjad Lateef and I am a new NFC member-to-be (and
> NANFA as well ... both applications are in the mail). I am a fairly new
> aquarist (about six months of keeping livebearers) and a graduate student
> in engineering at the U of Illinois at Chicago. Mark Brinkley was kind
> enough to introduce me to this list/group as well as NANFA. I got
> interested in native fishes when I read articles posted to netnews
> (rec.aquaria.*) by NANFAMAN at aol_com (don't know the person's name).
> 	That aside, I would like to try my hand at raising and breeding
> some smaller native fish. The only native fish I could find at the fish
> stores were a pair of black-banded Sunfish. According to Peter Rollo's
> article, these fish require soft acidic water (6.2 pH). My water (Chicago
> tap water) is neutral and slightly hard (haven't tested the hardness yet). 
> I would like to raise fish which would thrive in my water conditions (I do
> not want to fight my water at my current experience level). 
> 	I am in the process of setting up a new planted 10Gallon tank for
> the native fish and will not be ready for fish for another 6-8 weeks (I
> was thinking of cycling it with a couple of guppies first).
> 	o What kind of fish would you recommend for these water
> conditions? Pygmy Sunfish, some other sunfish?
> 	o Where would I get these fish? There are a couple of lakes in the
> western suburbs of Chicago (Busse Lake supposed to have Sunfish) where I
> suppose I could catch some. However, I have never been fish-gathering and
> don't know how. From the NANFA list, I gather that the collected fish are
> stressed-out and prone to diseases. Any suggestions? Know any breeders in
> the Chicago area?
> 	o Does anyone know if I need a state licence to keep native
> species in home aquaria? 
> 	Thank you.
> Sajjad
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