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BOUNCE nfc at actwin_com: Non-member submission

If anyone is interested in receiving the full version of this, send me a
note, and I will send you a copy. It runs around 20k and though
appropriate for an ecological list, it is questionable for the NFC list,
but some of you may be interested in it nonetheless.
Caveat: has not been checked for spamerlizing


Date: Mon, 20 Jul 1998 21:23:13 -0400
To: svickerman at defenders_org, caff at caff_org, rconnor at ccemtl_org,
        NFC at actwin_com, lseigley at igsb_uiowa.edu, stephens at uscid_org
From: sustainable at aics_net (Sustainable Strategies)
Subject: The Sustainable Strategist

The following is an email copy of The Sustainable Strategist, published
occasionally by Sustainable Strategies, a consortium of engineers and
designers specializing in ecological pollution prevention solutions.

Next issue: Syracuse New York water department installs 100 composting
toilets in lake community to protect water resources!


Toilets in Paradise:
Designing Systems For the Pacific Islands
- Conducting a Demonstration For Fiji Health Officers

- Our Fijian Resort Design Uses Reused Plastic Barrels

A Bamboo Forest Will Manage a North Carolina Piggery's Waste Problem

Turning Animal Waste Into Pig Feed for Small-scale Piggeries In Pohnpei

Composting Toilet and Graywater System Comes To the Rescue in
Massachusetts Under Tightened On-Site Regulations

A Fire Station Saves Thousands in Hazardous Waste Costs by Using a
Washwater Garden