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Re: spotted bullheads, Blackbandeds Sunnies, Flagfin Shiners

Sounds like a madtom .or as you pointed out it may actually be a South
American Species........................BTW dropped off the blackbanded
Sunfish today to their new homes with the fisheries folks they were
rather excited about the little project and after a bit of discussing
they vollunteered a raceway for a similar project with a shiner will keep
folks appraised but I think I am gonna reccomend they try the flagfin
shiner.........................NFC is getting a nice reputation with the
fisheries folks,.....:)

>(who may be quite competent), but as you probably know the names they 
>on animals are sometimes pretty funny. Among my favorites were the red
>shiners being sold as Asiatic fire barbs.
>Any chance of photographing the beasties?
>Ed Matheson

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