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Re: spotted bullheads

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From: Moontanman at aol_com <Moontanman at aol_com>

>The fish in question have rounded tails top and bottom, flat across the
>they are nice looking fish, very aggressive.  I was told they wouldn't get
>more than 3" long, they were about 2" long when I bought them.

Then, according to the one reference I do have available, they ain't spotted
bullheads, which should have a deeply forked tail. Is their adipose fin (on
the back behind the dorsal fin) distinctly separate from their tail fin or
fused (or nearly fused) to it? Most bullheads get much bigger than 3". Are
you familiar with madtoms?

Another possibility: coming from an aquarium store they may not be bullheads
at all. There are more families of catfish than you can shake a stick at,
especially in South America. I don't want to insult your local store owner
(who may be quite competent), but as you probably know the names they stick
on animals are sometimes pretty funny. Among my favorites were the red
shiners being sold as Asiatic fire barbs.

Any chance of photographing the beasties?


Ed Matheson