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Re: Topeka Shiner

Thanks for the info. Jay.  By the way, how's it going?  I have an
interesting tape from a locally produced PBS series "Sunflower Journeys"
that did a spot on the Topeka Shiner in Kansas.  Seems that the watershed
district they are most abundant in and the Kansas DWP worked out a plan to
help both the water district and the Shiner.  Pretty good little spot.


On Sun, 19 Jul 1998, Jay DeLong wrote:

> Luke asked: 
> > I never heard whether the Topeka Shiner made it onto the protected list.
> > Does anyone know?
> There's no record of any recent action in the Federal Register. The 
> last entry was the continuation of the public input phase through 
> February 1998.  I'd like to think that the USFWS is looking at 
> recovery plans from the few states where the fish is found.  A few 
> months ago I was looking at available information from the states 
> where the fish is found, and I think I read that Iowa has no plan for 
> the recovery or protection of the fish.  I may have missed something 
> (very likely-- so don't quote me).  Still, if it's true, and the fish 
> is finally listed, can you imagine what effects that will have in a 
> state like Iowa where agriculture is king?
> Jay DeLong
> Olympia, WA
> "The wildlife of today is not ours to dispose 
> of as we please.  We have it in trust, and must 
> account for it to those who come after". 
> King George VI