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Re: Shipping cross the 'nadian border (and red Ramshorn snails)

FYI: ANY shipment across the Canadian border requires notification and 
form submission to the USFWS. For an occasional shipment, they might 
waive the requirement for one to have an importer's license ($50) but I 
believe that the inspection charge ($55) and the paperwork both apply 
for imports.

Yes, Jeff, I have some red Ramshorns.  Want to trade for some of your 
natives? Let me know!

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>>Hi All.
>>   If theres anyone from Canada or the Northern US who's shipped 
>>the border, would you please e-mail me personally
>Well I just looked at the Customs site about importing animals (Red 
>Horn Snails in my case) and it looked like a big hassle. If some one 
>for sure I would like to know too.
>BTW anyone have any Red Rams Horn Snails south of the border that could
>spare a few?
>Jeff <*\\><
>"Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds
>on the heel that has crushed it" Mark Twain
>www.airnet.net/kudzu/ "Kudzu's Christian Clipart Collection"

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