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Re: Silversides and fungus

Suggest using pickling salt (no additives)  in a quarantine tank.  Once 
the fish are acclimated to aquarium life, they can be transferred to 
other tanks. Fungus is due to handling damage and stress.  The salt will 
suppress the fungus and other disease while the fish get used to a 
captive situation.

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>Well I can keep 80% of my Silversides alive for 4-6 days and then they 
>down with a white fungus on them and die very quickly. I have lost all 
>two and one of those now has the fungus. I had even figured out a way 
to get
>these guys to eat after a couple of days.
>So what do I need to do to prevent the fungus from forming or treat it? 
>have not used salt in any of my tanks because of the plants. Would that 
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