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Re: Topeka Shiner

Luke asked: 
> I never heard whether the Topeka Shiner made it onto the protected list.
> Does anyone know?

There's no record of any recent action in the Federal Register. The 
last entry was the continuation of the public input phase through 
February 1998.  I'd like to think that the USFWS is looking at 
recovery plans from the few states where the fish is found.  A few 
months ago I was looking at available information from the states 
where the fish is found, and I think I read that Iowa has no plan for 
the recovery or protection of the fish.  I may have missed something 
(very likely-- so don't quote me).  Still, if it's true, and the fish 
is finally listed, can you imagine what effects that will have in a 
state like Iowa where agriculture is king?

Jay DeLong
Olympia, WA

"The wildlife of today is not ours to dispose 
of as we please.  We have it in trust, and must 
account for it to those who come after". 

King George VI

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