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Re: spotted bullheads

Spotted Bullheads reach 12 inches and are endemic to a small part of
florida. The y live in lakes with limestone shelves where the males
defend caves in wich the young are raised .............Great fish little
is known about their life history

Robert Rice

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On Sun, 19 Jul 1998 13:13:17 EDT Moontanman at aol_com writes:
>I have two fish which I think may be spotted bullheads, they have the 
>bullhead shape dark on top irregular shaped spots on sides all the 
>barbels are
>black.  I think I have male and female, I have had them for about a 
>year now.
>The one I think is female is about 8" long the male about 6."  Can 
>confirm my identification?  How about breeding, husbandry 
>instructions?  They
>were sold to me in a pet shop as rare south American bullheads, it 
>unlikely this is true.  How large can I expect them to get if they are 
>bullheads.  Thanks....

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