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Re: Mottled Sculpin

Richard E Matheson wrote:

> >  I was wondering if anybody has had any luck keeping the Mottled
> Sculpin(cottus
> >bairdi).
> >My boys and I captured one a couple of days ago and it has died allready. I
> >would like to get some more, but need to know what it takes to keep them. I
> hate
> >killing fish because of my ignorance.
> >    I was also wondering if the printers of the different fish
> identification
> >books have considered making their books as a looseleaf and waterproof. I
> just
> >about ruined my copy of
> >Peterson Field Guides of Freshwater Fishes.
> >
> >
> >      A Fish Addict,
> >     Bill Flowers
> >
> Where do you live Bill? If you live in an area with several sculpin species,
> check your ID carefully because these little devils are notoriously
> difficult to separate. This is not as trivial as it might seem because
> habitat preferences and breeding habits do differ somewhat among species of
> Cottus.
> There was an article in TFH regarding care and breeding of C. bairdi years
> ago. Anyone out there know the reference? I may have it somewhere, but I
> haven't been able to locate it as yet.
> Yes, more field guides should be waterproof!
> Ed Matheson

     I live in central Indiana and according to the book above, there is only
one species
of Sculpins in this area. I have quite a few backissues of TFH. I guess I need
to start looking
  I am tthinking of taking this copy of Freshwater Fishes and disassemble it.
Then laminate each page and put in a 3 ring binder.   Thanks for the info.