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Re: Mottled Sculpin

>  I was wondering if anybody has had any luck keeping the Mottled
>My boys and I captured one a couple of days ago and it has died allready. I
>would like to get some more, but need to know what it takes to keep them. I
>killing fish because of my ignorance.
>    I was also wondering if the printers of the different fish
>books have considered making their books as a looseleaf and waterproof. I
>about ruined my copy of
>Peterson Field Guides of Freshwater Fishes.
>      A Fish Addict,
>     Bill Flowers

Where do you live Bill? If you live in an area with several sculpin species,
check your ID carefully because these little devils are notoriously
difficult to separate. This is not as trivial as it might seem because
habitat preferences and breeding habits do differ somewhat among species of
There was an article in TFH regarding care and breeding of C. bairdi years
ago. Anyone out there know the reference? I may have it somewhere, but I
haven't been able to locate it as yet.
Yes, more field guides should be waterproof!

Ed Matheson