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Re: Takeing CC's at the website.........

That's only for the secure server, though.  Right?  The big expense 
is the actual CC account itself, unless you're going to email the CC 
number (encrypted?) to some member who actually does the transaction. 
 Or have you found a cheap way to automate this?

> Hey, that's a good deal! Sounds like much better than the percent cut
> that is otherwise found with CC deals around. :)
> 	This plan sure would make life easier all around, with ease of
> purchase, and accounting too, plus opening other funding sources as
> well. Any plans for a direct donations page, maybe even for particular
> projects?
> Herb
> robert a rice wrote:
> >snip<
> > >
> > There is a setup charge of 50 bucks and then 10 bucks a month......If we
> > go the CC route we will put in a NFC Bookstore to sell items and us get a
> > cut of the sales price like books tommelerri t shirts stuff like
> > that......Still working out the details but it could make the NFC auction
> > much simplerer .........
> >snip<



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