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Re: Need help/opinions

Actually, I think I have an idea what is going on, especially if you  
either have an undergravel filter or have not vacuumed the gravel in 
awile.  If so, what happens is that the gravel accumulates an increasing 
load of debris out of sight, which is especially common in UG filtered 
tanks.  If the debris is not removed on a regular basis, by once a week 
vacuuming with a gravel siphon with the UG filter off, what happens is 
that the nitrifying bacteria die, and the remaining bacteria reverse the 
nitrogen cycle, generating lots of nitrite and ammonia that is quite 
toxic to fish.  Testing the water for ammonia and nitrite would probably 
show high levels.

BTW, water changes should always involve vacuuming the gravel, otherwise 
you leave most of the debris and toxins in the tank.

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>I have a 20 gallon planted tank that has been set up for months now.
>No problems at all! I have Blood fins Tetras and Serpa Tetras in
>there. Add 3 American Flagfish about 3+ months ago for algae control.
>Everything has seemed fine.
>I found one dead and another the next day. I couldn't find the 3rd one
>in all the plants. Then he showed up and must have a swim bladder
>problem. He stays on the bottom and can't swim.
>About this time I moved all the Tetras out. My 10 gallon sprang a leak
>and I moved a half dozen sunnies in there and 6 Bass fry in there. I
>thought nothing of this. Well within 48 hours 4 sunnies have died for
>no reason. Bass are all fine. I did an 80% water change tonight and
>will watch and see.
>Anyone have any ideas? I am stumped. No new fish in this tank for 3
>months. No new plants. I cant think of anything different.
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