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Re: Need help/opinions


	What's the filtration setup? Have you measured any water parameters?
With an 80% change, I'd expect you took care of bad water (like a
problem from non oxygen using bacteria creating toxic conditions in a
deep gravel bed not being thoroughly cleaned, or a box filter not
cleaned regularly that has decaying matter in it), but it may show up
again soon if the root cause is not found and dealt with, or by chance
the underlying condition is changed. In some cases, an 80% change is a
bit much in itself as well, as it will create ph adjustment and other
system shock problems.
	For a good introductory discussion of tank setup and maintenance in all
stages, I refer you to:

	Also, any idea what the Dissolved Oxygen (DO) level is in the tank? If
you have good aeration that should not be a problem though.
	Sometimes too many fish in a tank can drive the ammonia levels up, and
when the ph changes over time it goes toxic quickly when a small change
(more food introduced for example) pushes the biofiltration system over
the edge.
	I refer you to the following url for a discussion of ammonia (NH3) vs.
ammonium (NH4+) and the effects on animals in your tank.
	 Heat levels will affect things too, by killing or otherwise affecting
the helpful bacterial in their ability to deal with the ammonia. Heat
definitely creates other problems as well, as many parasites reproduce
exponentially with only a few degrees difference in the temperature.
	So in general, since there a good number of variables, if the
temperature goes up, try to lower it. If the filter hasn't been changed
or cleaned, there's a place to look. If you have gravel or sand, be sure
to clean it sometimes. If there is a lot of plant matter other than
growing plants, get some out.

	Also the FINS database is an excellent reference source. The url for
the search is:

	Course, the fish may be dying of old age? :)	

	Hope this helps, but its really just a shot in the dark without more


Kudzu wrote:
> I have a 20 gallon planted tank that has been set up for months now.
> No problems at all! I have Blood fins Tetras and Serpa Tetras in
> there. Add 3 American Flagfish about 3+ months ago for algae control.
> Everything has seemed fine.
> I found one dead and another the next day. I couldn't find the 3rd one
> in all the plants. Then he showed up and must have a swim bladder
> problem. He stays on the bottom and can't swim.
> About this time I moved all the Tetras out. My 10 gallon sprang a leak
> and I moved a half dozen sunnies in there and 6 Bass fry in there. I
> thought nothing of this. Well within 48 hours 4 sunnies have died for
> no reason. Bass are all fine. I did an 80% water change tonight and
> will watch and see.
> Anyone have any ideas? I am stumped. No new fish in this tank for 3
> months. No new plants. I cant think of anything different.
> Jeff <*\\><
> "Consider carefully what you hear", he continued "With the measure you
> use it, it will be measured to you -- and even more.  Whoever has will
> be given more; whoever does not have, even what he has will be taken
> from him." Mark 4:24,25
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