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eResources contacts (was Re: Pond Keeping..........)


	Though a few others may also apply, a couple of lists that are of more
pertinence to the ponds theme follows:

	Here is the aquaculture / hydroponics (aquaponics) list subscription
I forget just how to subscribe here, and the hole in my pocket of the
hard disks have dropped the welcome file, but I think it goes like:
for digest format:

subscribe in the subject line
and subscribe (your email address) (your name)
in the body to the address below:
aquaponics-digest-request at townsqr_com

for regular post format:
subscribe in the subject line
and subscribe (your email address) (your name)
in the body to the address below:
aquaponics-request at townsqr_com

The owner of the list may be contacted directly at:
email: snsaquasys at townsqr_com

	This list covers a multitude of topics (don't they all? :), pond
intensive management being among them, but the range goes from
biodigesters to techniques to increase DO by the use of hydroponics
filtering and subsequent oxygenation of the "effluent stream" produced
as a byproduct of plant growth, to sustainable systems design in
aquaculture setup for both ornamental focus and food production, to
saying hi, how are yall doing?

	Here is part of the welcome file from ponds-l-digest that I get. I
include the whole enchilada cause it is actually a list that covers much
more water than just what the name implies, as is explained in the intro
welcome file. This list is available in the regular posting format as
well, just leave off the -digest part when subscribing. It is one of
those lists that get a flurry of activity at certain times, then you
wonder if the list is broke for a couple months. :)

Welcome to Ponds-L-Digest, the digest version of Ponds-l.

Ponds-L: Pond & Lake Management Discussion List

List Title: ponds-l: Pond & Lake Management Discussion List
List Owner or Contact: Scott Seymour  aqsys at execpc_com

To subscribe to this list, send e-mail to listserv at execpc_com; in the
of the message, type subscribe ponds-l [your name] example "subscribe
ponds-l John Doe"

To unsubscribe from this list, send the command unsubscribe ponds-l in
e-mail to listserv at execpc_com

Send all other list-related commands to listserv at execpc_com   For
assistance, send the command HELP.

To send an article or message to the mail list. E-Mail article to:
Ponds-L at execpc_com


Ponds-L is an discussion group primarily directed towards the layman who
owns or lives on a pond or small lake.  Members of the educational &
scientific communities and pond & lake professionals are welcome to join
list in an advisory capacity.

Some of the topics of discussion: (but not limited to)

Weed & Algae Control (chemical - mechanical - biological), fishery
management, aeration and fountain systems, pond & lake restoration,
biological augmentation, pond & small lake construction, shoreline
stabilization, nutrient management, watershed issues, dredging &
removal and wildlife problems (geese, muskrats, beavers, otters and blue

This group is for the discussion of pond and lake problems, commercial
advertising or spams are not welcome.  No polite posting that is on
will be rejected.


If you are interested in Ponds & Lakes here are the names of some other
excellent groups that you might want to try:

A newsgroup that is directed towards the owners of decorative &
ponds.  For people that enjoy water gardening, Koi, goldfish and other
as a hobby, this group is very informative.

A newsgroup that is directed towards aquaculture and fishery management
on a
very scientific and technical level.  If you are a serious fish grower
have a strong interest in the ecological aspects of the fishery around
world this is very good news group that might be right for you..

This is a mail list that deals with a wide variety of larger lake
Some of the topics that are covered are as follows:

Lake Management ideas; analytical tools, hardware and procedures related
lake ecology and lakes; all lake related biological, geological, and
scientific topics. Particular emphasis is placed on behavioral,
evolutionary, paleontological, theoretical, and community ecology;
assessment and management by applied mathematics, statistics and
mathematical GIS, limnology, chemical ecology, etc:

                Scott Seymour
             Aquatic Systems Inc.
               Butler, WI USA

             781-2954 (Milwaukee Area)
             1 800 365-0224
             1 414 781-4018 Fax
             e-mail aqsys at execpc_com


	On related topics, but not so directly linked to ponds in particular
are the Permaculture list and the sustain-l lists. IMO the movement of
conservation must eventually lead to changing the way the environment is
used, so these are pertinent in a tangetical manner.

	The PERMACULTURE list is subscribed to at the address:

listproc at listserv_oit.unc.edu

in the body of the message

		To explain the Permaculture idea, see the url link:


	For the sustainable agri/aqua culture the list is subscribe in the body
sustag-l-request at listproc_wsu.edu

	Again the list covers a wide range of topics, but generally confines
itself to those related to food production based on various efforts at
trials of new techniques.

	The following list is somewhat technical at times, but provides good
background on the current state of the art techniques to utilize
resources in multiple ways and multiple users, thereby doing more with
less in order to CONSERVE the environment and habitat of us all. The
contact person for this list is Mr. Jacky Foo <foo at swipnet_se>, who can
direct you to other resources of a similar nature.

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          Wed, 15 Jul 1998 09:20:07 +0200
          Jacky Foo <foo at swipnet_se>
          Integrated Bio-Systems - General Forum <ET-W1 at SEGATE_SUNET.SE>
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tayers at bridge_com wrote:
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> Yes. Robert's query prompted me to notice there are no pond links on
> our website. Herb and others, please send your links to the list and
> I'll add them.
> Hope you have a very nice day, :-)
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