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Re: Pond Keeping..........

Hi Robert,
	I'm on the ponds-l list, and the aquaponics list, and various others
that may be appropriate, depending on the slant of the article. If it is
as you seem to indicate, then lots of things might fit. Would the
general theme link parenting, mentoring, natural wonders, and ecology?
And if so, would the ecology run towards the uses, production, or
management direction or the leave it alone and let it grow direction?
Anything indicating group participation, or are single efforts the


robert a rice wrote:
> I am just finishing up an article for Southern Living on Ponds and native
> fish.....Should be a Monster Plug if we can pull it off....anyway anyone
> out there got any contacts for pond keeping lists, magazines etc tha we
> can say hello to ? It is a great way to teach yourself and kids about how
> wild things work..................
> Robert Rice
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