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This is the list of abbv's, I'd like them to become more or less standard,
but.. that won't happen.  :)  No post will be rejected or anything due to
them.  Just makes life easier.  

W: Wanted.
FS: For Sale
FT: For Trade.
M: Male.
F: Female.
U: Unknown, or irrelevant.
WC: Wild Caught
CBF#: Captive Bred, F# (The offspring of captive bred are F1, their
offspring F2, and so on.  Omit F# if unknown or uncertain.)
sp.: Species.  (I.e., Fundulus sp., a species of Fundulus, often

Example:  W: 1m/2F Etheostoma makebeleivius.  FT: 6 Sailfin Shiners.  FS:
5m/6F Sculpins, CBF1, $1 each. 1M/2F Sculpins, WC, $1.50 each.  <nice
little message here.> John Fishkeeper, 123 Main Street, Some City, ST,
  Means:  Wanted: 1 Male, Two Females of E. makebelievus.  Willing to
trade: 6 Sailfin Shiners.  Has for sale: Five males and six female
sculpins from my spawn of the wild caughts, asking a dollar each.  Also,
one mail and two female wild caught ones, that I'm asking a buck fifty

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