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Re: In Memorium - Silversides

I've kept silversides for a couple of years in the past ... a couple of
times in MO and once in CA.  They aren't very picky about food and care
once you get them home and in the tank.  They are kind of pretty and make a
neat display as a schooling fish!  ( Watch for upcoming article.)

Dave Hall 

> From: Mark Binkley <mbinkley at earthling_net>
> To: nanfa at aquaria_net
> Cc: nfc at actwin_com
> Subject: In Memorium - Silversides
> Date: Monday, July 13, 1998 5:20 AM
> I have sad news to report  :(
> Todd Crail from Toledo, his wife and brother-in-law (some of you may know
> Todd from the NANFA list, nanfa at aquaria_net) made a detour from their
> to the Columbus Zoo Saturday to stop by my place to meet personally and
> talk fish.  This is not the sad news!!!  Anyway, as we were checking out
> tanks, I went to show Todd my brook silversides only to find it was no
> where to be seen.  After searching the tank frantically, I finally found
> him head down in the corner, looking a little stiff.
> Here's the obit:
> Brook Silversides, collected 10-19-98, Scioto River at Circleville, Ohio
> Died 7-11-98, R.I.P.
> So here's the current record:  Labidesthes sicculus, 266 days in
> So who's going to beat it???
> Mark Binkley
> Columbus Ohio USA          <))><
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