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Re: Summer Clearance

mcclurg luke e wrote:

> hey folks,  I have an over-abundance of Red Shiners (Cyprinella
> lutrensis) on hand. Anyone want some?  Just pay the postage and they are
> yours.  If you have a box you could send me, that would be great too.
> Anyone interested?  I would be interested in trades for other species, but
> if you don't have anything to trade my only policy is that you agree to
> help a newby get started by donating some fish to him/her as the
> opportunity arises.  (schools, clubs, etc. also count)  This offer is open
> to anyone.
> Luke McClurg

   I woould be interested in some of the Red Shiners. I have several boxes and
am willing to send you one with some money to ship them. Let me know whwre to
send the items.

      Bill Flowers