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Re: I want to trade/sell/buy fish...........


    I will contact the FG&FWFC this re: proposals on studies of non-game
species.  If we can get it in their budget request we have a
good shot at getting it funded.

    We collected some adult Fla. Gar today.  We think 10 females and
5 males.  We gave them a shot of ovaprime.  We will know Monday
or Tues. if they go.  We think we have an idea of how to keep them
from chomping on each other.

    Also, who can I talk to about bluenose shiners?  I have two females
that are about to pop with eggs.  I put them in a 10 gallon tank with
two males in breeding colors.  They have been together for a week
and they have not initiated and spawning behavior.  Any help would
be appreciated.

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Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 5:52 PM
Subject: Re: I want to trade/sell/buy fish...........

>Anyone got Xtras of the following species for sale /
>trade................Bluespotted Sunfish, Cherry Darters , Warpaint
>Shiners, Spotted Bullhead........
>I have a lot of South Eastern Species for sale /trade....Including H.
>Formosa , Longear Sunfish, Flagfin Shiners, Sailfin Shiners, F Chrysotus,
>L. Ommatta later in the season drought not withstanding will have pygmy
>sunfishes avaliable.....Check with me for details
>Robert Rice
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