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Creek stomp

     Well we had our first creek stomp withy the 4-H kids and it was a great
success. We had 5 kids plus my 2. Each kid was also accompianed by a parent. The
parents were not quite sure what was going on and figured we would see some
bluegills and bass. Were they surprised! We didn't see any blugill and a few
small bass fry. What we did find was some Orangethroat Darters, Spotfin Shiners,
Creek Chubs, and some Mottled Sculpins. When the first orangthroat was caught
the parents were more excited than the kids. I am still trying to figure out who
had more fun, the parents or the kids. one girl wanted to take every fish home.
She has only a 10 gallon aquarium. She finally agreed to take a couple home and
if they do fine come back later. They are allready wanting to do it again in
September.  All of the parents could not get over the vivid colors of all the
fish. I do not believe they wr\ere even in breeding colors anymore.
      We will pobably do it again in the latter part of September after the
show. Some are looking at bringing these fish to the show. this will be a great
way to let people see some of our natives.
     The 4-H leader that was with us also handles the geology and entomology
She has decided that the creek would also be a good place to find unusal rocks
and some different bugs. The kids did get wet, some supposedly fell, the grown
ups figured it was on purpose.
      Well that is about it. I highly recommend that everyone in every state in
this organization contact there 4-H office and do this. It will be a great way
to get the public know about us and get new members also. I now have 5 new
members to our organization.

  A Fish Addict,
    Bill Flowers