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Re: Hatcheries (was: Re: Now Never returned to the wild)


	By all means post your ad to the NFC Bulletin Board!

	I for one would really appreciate a source of stock that can be easily
verified and documented, showing bill of sale giving the dealers or
other state license or permit numbers and pertinent info as to
collection or other acquisition, so I can have it on hand for any future
plans of my own to raise fish for sale, or giveaway for that matter. I
need this since to ship fish out of Arkansas where I live requires that
the fish be raised by a person possessing a current "fish farmers
permit" if the fish are native to the state, and they can't be some the
AR resident collected under a regular sportsman's or even a commercial
license. Went quite a few rounds with the Arkansas Game and Fish
Commission folks over that, but that is the law here.
	A person can collect and keep for personal use without all this, but if
the fish leave the persons fish room in the possession of someone else,
it requires a fish dealers license, and to cross the state line takes a
fish farmers permit, which has rules governing the acquisition of the
fish. One rule for all people getting fish from AR waters is that all
"minnows" (meaning all fish, and their progeny, other than listed game
fish or commercial species) can't be "taken from public waters" and
exported from the state. Period. So collection is out for the average
person to raise and then ship fish from AR.
	Bunch of RT for sure, but they want to discourage folks from coming in
and depleting the natives by collection and claiming them to be fish
farm raised fish. Odd logic, but there you are. There are exceptions
made for certain reasons, like Scientific Collection Permits and special
state run hatchery programs for example, but the average person is only
given the option of following the laws the way the AGFC interprets them,
or ignoring the law and doing as they please in the claim of blissful
	Long way to say I'm glad you still plan to have native fish available
for folks. :)


Moontanman at aol_com wrote:
> Right now I am just trying to plan for next spring, I obtain my fish legally,
> in this state the laws are not quite as restrictive as other states, you just
> have to find the right people to get the permits from.  Actually they are very
> supportive of aquaculture in this state.  The state was ready to give me
> suggestions as to what to breed and how.  I collect only nongame fish for
> sale, the other fish have to be caught legally, not impossible with tiny hooks
> and a gentle hand.  I also have special permits to use traps, nets, seines,
> and electricity.  I also catch some odd marine fish from time to time.  Don't
> look for a catalog yet, I have a long way to go.  But slow and steady wins the
> race.  Later on dudes and dudettes.
> Michael

robert a rice wrote:
> Hey Moontan Man,
> The NFC Bulletin Board is just getting underway and could use your no
> charge ad ........forward it here to Dwight Moody and we will ad it to
> the website , email list and other electronic forums..........
> Robert Rice
> Save A Native Eat An Oscar <:)((((<
> Check Out the Native Fish Conservany at NFC at actwin_com