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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

> On Fri, 10 Jul 1998, D. Martin Moore wrote:
> > I have followed these discussions with great interest.  WHile I 
> > admist the possibility exists, is there any real evidence that this 
> > has actually happened?  Beyond speculation, that is.
> I can't remember if I answered this one.  Again my question relating to your
> question would be what would constitute proof?  

A documented chain of events or a controlled experiment.

>It is almost impossilbe I
> think.  

It would be tough!

>I know for sure though I have spread diseases 
>across my fishroom via
> those means.  Hence if you did it just at the wrong time before the disease
> was detected it would be likely. 

Everybody agrees that this happens in fishrooms.  While I for one am 
willing to play it safe, I am not convinced from a purely 
intellectual standpoint that keeping natives in their own tank and 
then returning them "to the waters from whence they came" (to quote 
the ever-popular phrase) is a potential catastrophe of even an order 
of magnitude less than that which can be caused by ducks' feet, bilge 
water, or sewer effluent.  I am not attacking your position, Peter.  
I am finding this discussion most interesting.  I often enjoy playing 
Devils advocate.

> I liked Herbs comment (as least I think it was Herb, sorry if it wasn't) who
> asked about what goes down the drain.  That's a very good point and it also
> goes for snails and plants too.  It would depend upon the circumstances.   For
> some diseases it would likely be an easy route, for others less so, plus it
> would depend upon how it was treated.  Folks flushing dead fish down their
> toilets don't help either.  :-)  



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