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Re: Hatcheries (was: Re: Now Never returned to the wild)

Right now I am just trying to plan for next spring, I obtain my fish legally,
in this state the laws are not quite as restrictive as other states, you just
have to find the right people to get the permits from.  Actually they are very
supportive of aquaculture in this state.  The state was ready to give me
suggestions as to what to breed and how.  I collect only nongame fish for
sale, the other fish have to be caught legally, not impossible with tiny hooks
and a gentle hand.  I also have special permits to use traps, nets, seines,
and electricity.  I also catch some odd marine fish from time to time.  Don't
look for a catalog yet, I have a long way to go.  But slow and steady wins the
race.  Later on dudes and dudettes.