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RE: Now Never returned to the wild

As I understand the Motto " Once caught never Released" the only way
this can be done is if you don't catch the fish you raise but allow the
to either swim or walk to the pet store or fish pond on their own.
However maybe you could hatch the eggs in the pet shop's tanks.


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	While I do concede the need to be concerned about disease
introductions from
	aquariums and a little reluctantly the once caught never
released theme for
	native fish.  I think we need to put this in perspective,
	.  Saying all that, I still think that all reasonable means
should be used to prevent
	release of diseased fish to the wild, if that means once caught
	released, so be it.  On the other hand I have a small hatchery I
am trying to
	make a little money at, I am in a slump right now because of
	weather problems, but I occasionally get it right and have fish
to sell to pet
	shops and farm ponds.  I'm not sure how this policy affects me.
Any thoughts
	from on high as to how I can grow fish and not be limited in
where I sell my