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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

Well, I imagine your state government has some ideas for you concerning how
and where and when you can sell fish, and I bet they would also have input
concerning what species.  What species do you raise, out of curiosity?

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Date: Saturday, July 11, 1998 9:07 AM
Subject: Re: Now Never returned to the wild

>While I do concede the need to be concerned about disease introductions
>aquariums and a little reluctantly the once caught never released theme for
>native fish.  I think we need to put this in perspective, ich is not a
>fish killer in the wild like it can be in an aquarium.  The unnatural
>and sometimes less than perfect conditions of an aquarium contribute
>considerably to ich's success in killing fish.  From what I've read so far
>seems that fish hatcheries are the greatest danger due to fish husbandry
>problems and mostly cold water hatcheries.  I would bet that most dedicated
>aquarists would not have most if any of these problems.  At least I have
>allowed a fish that was sick and incurable to live or to mix with my other
>fish.  I have bought fish with problems that turned up during quarantine
>were so strange that after considerable effort at a cure I just destroyed
>them, once it was maggots inside the fish and another time it was a wasting
>away even though the fish were eating well, a few other times fish have had
>balance problems that didn't go away, all were destroyed.  Yes, I sterilize
>the nets I use in my quarantine tanks, with hydrogen peroxide.  I don't
>(or at least very rarely have) any problems with ich, even power outages
>result in tanks dropping in temperature don't usually result in ich.  I
>we can give the ich theme a rest, It may have been introduced but it isn't
>rampant fish killer and no populations of fish are endangered by it.
>all that, I still think that all reasonable means should be used to prevent
>release of diseased fish to the wild, if that means once caught never
>released, so be it.  On the other hand I have a small hatchery I am trying
>make a little money at, I am in a slump right now because of unexpected
>weather problems, but I occasionally get it right and have fish to sell to
>shops and farm ponds.  I'm not sure how this policy affects me.  Any
>from on high as to how I can grow fish and not be limited in where I sell