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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

 I have hesitated to respond to this thread because I don't remember
what television program I saw it on and I don't remember the details
that well, but it involves the loss of trout in streams due to diseases
introduced by stocked trout.  It seemed pretty dire for trout..... kind
of like the only trout that were going to be left were the ones stocked
from fish farms that hadn't had a chance to die yet.

-> > Except now we have diseases from other continents introduced into 
-> North > American rivers, streams, and lakes, like ich, which 
-> originated in Asia. > These were via aquarium species released into 
-> the wild most likely, but any > fish that has been kept in an 
-> aquarium that was not properly sterilized (or > that had equipment, 
-> plants, gravel, hands, etc. that were not properly > sterilized 
-> introduced into it) and subsequently released into nature can > carry 
-> with it such a disease. > > Norm

-> Norm and Peter,

-> I have followed these discussions with great interest.  WHile I
-> admist the possibility exists, is there any real evidence that this
-> has actually happened?  Beyond speculation, that is.