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Re: The Littlest Livebearer

Hello Kudzu,

I have found that this fish really deserves a species tank.  The fry are so
small, and born so often that your population is sure to stagnate if there
is another species present to eat the fry.  That said, I will admit to
keeping a colony with some Rasbora maculata with pretty good success, but
those are one of the smallest Rasbora species, and I have the plant
incredibly densely planted.

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Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: The Littlest Livebearer

>Hit the send to fast. Would this fish be compatible with Tetras in a
>planted tank? I have some that I will probably move later in the tank
>I would like to put least Killifish in. There are Blood Fin Tetras and
>Serpas. About 2 -2.25 inches long.
>Jeff <*\\><