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Re: NFC-Discussion List?

I think that the current thread of discussion is entirely relevant to the
keeping of natives.  Whether you are new to the hobby, or an old hand, one
can only benefit from seeing the discussion.  I think perhaps some people
are reading too much heat into a fun debate.  No one is discussing the
business of NFC, just personal opinions.  I think another email list is

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From: Josh Wiegert <jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com>
To: nfc at actwin_com <nfc at actwin_com>
Date: Friday, July 10, 1998 2:20 PM
Subject: NFC-Discussion List?

>Hey all.
>  Just thought I'd toss an idea around, that I'd like replies to in my own
>mailbox, rather than here as its a little off-topic (Thats
>Jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com).  With the way some of these threads get rather
>long winded, heated, and so on, it might scare off some people.
>Especially as they get a little politcal.  Therefore the idea of creating
>a second NFC list cae to mind, both at actwin.  One could be for general,
>lighter material and the second for more heavier discussions.  This way,
>the people who really don't care to see/listen to a 1,000 post-long thread
>won'tt have to, and those who want to stay heavily involved and so on will
>be able to.  The con, however, is that those on one list woul not be able
>to add input as readily to the other.  I don't foresee an increase in
>message volume by doing it.  Rather, it would be a decrease for people who
>don't care to see long threads and so on (such as the Never Release one).
>Of course, the most serious con of all... more work for yours truly! :)
>Arguements for or against to my mailbox... I'll probably make a cdecision
>about creating it within 72 hours.
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