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Re: NFC-Discussion List?

I heartily endorse this idea.  I subscribed only a day or two ago, and
I am already considering whether I really want so much traffic in my

---Josh Wiegert <jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com> wrote:
> Hey all.
>   Just thought I'd toss an idea around, that I'd like replies to in
my own
> mailbox, rather than here as its a little off-topic (Thats
> Jwiegert at nexus_v-wave.com).  With the way some of these threads get
> long winded, heated, and so on, it might scare off some people.
> Especially as they get a little politcal.  Therefore the idea of
> a second NFC list cae to mind, both at actwin.  One could be for
> lighter material and the second for more heavier discussions.  This
> the people who really don't care to see/listen to a 1,000 post-long
> won'tt have to, and those who want to stay heavily involved and so
on will
> be able to.  The con, however, is that those on one list woul not be
> to add input as readily to the other.  I don't foresee an increase in
> message volume by doing it.  Rather, it would be a decrease for
people who
> don't care to see long threads and so on (such as the Never Release
> Of course, the most serious con of all... more work for yours truly!
> Arguements for or against to my mailbox... I'll probably make a
> about creating it within 72 hours.
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