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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

Most of the fish where I live do quite well at tropical temperatures.  I live
in southeastern NC.
Some need to be cooled down in the winter if breeding is on your agenda, but
other than that they do well.  I keep my tropical fish between 70 and 78
degrees, the water temperature in freshwater around here is above 70 degrees
at least 6 months of the year, and above 80 for 3 months.  I have found that
most tropicals do better and live longer if kept between 70 and 76 degrees.
Blue spotted sunfish are among my favorites, they live very well with
tropicals near their size, also swamp darters, least killie fish, goggle eyes,
redfin grass pickerel, all of these do well at "tropical" temperatures.  I
have heard of people that keep all their tropical fish at temperatures above
80 degrees all the time, just runs the fishes engine faster and they live
shorter less healthy lives.  Maybe it's because I collect my fish from shallow
swamps that get very hot much of the year but I have had no problems with
temperatures.  Even in the tropics the water drops below 70 degrees in much of
the tropics during the rainy season.  I have read about water temps in the
amazon basin where fishes were being collected as being around 65 degrees for
part of the year.  Also many of the fish we consider tropical really come from
subtropical or temperate regions.  Maybe some of the native fish keepers from
up north have problems with the tropical temps but I don't.