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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

On Thu, 9 Jul 1998 Moontanman at AOL_COM wrote:

> OK, I'll quit being the fly in the ointment, I agree that re-release of fish
> is probably not a good idea,

Glad to see we can at least agree in principle.

> but I think your spring anchor worm problem is
> the exception rather than the rule. 

How many exceptions do we want to occur?

> Has there been any studies done on this potential problem? 

Very little as I understand it.  Most folks are pretty ignorant when it comes
to diseases.  

> By the way, in reference to the stream I told you about in my last letter, I
> talked my cousin into putting native fish into his lawn pond instead of
> goldfish because his pond was washed out by a recent flood.  I told him
> about the problem with the introduction of exotics and if he wanted a pond
> that was vulnerable to floods he should not stock it with exotics.  Also we
> managed to catch two wayward gold fish from the stream.  Did I do good? 

Great, this is the kinda positive message we need to get out there!!

Peter Unmack