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Water changes

Hi Luke,

        Never tried that, might work. I can't afford to get much water
at 30 cents a gallon though, as I use between 150 to 200 gallons a week
for changes for the acclimated fish. Use about 30 gallons a week for the
isolated new quarantined fish when I have some. Costs about $2 for the
drive to the creeks to get the water if I need more than 60 gallons, as
I try to get some water from a collecting location when I'm there in a
couple of covered trash type plastic containers.
        Usually pick my collecting spots so a bridge is close that I can
drive the pickup on and dip water out directly from the creek into a 5
gal bucket with a rope tied to it, then hauled up and dumped into the
waiting containers. Works for me. The tote the water up the hill method
gets old the older I get! At a fat 46yrs I'm way too lazy to do much
else. ":)
        Had any ph ect. adjustment problems when you use the RO or
bottled water? I know a few of the shiner species around here that are
very sensitive to sudden changes of temp, but do well overall otherwise.


mcclurg luke e wrote:
> Or, you could solve your water problem by using RO/DI water from the local
> pet shop or grocery store.  If it's available of course.  I generally try
> to keep about 20 gallons of bottled water (it's about 30cents a gallon) on
> hand.  I use it exclusively when transporting or shipping as well.  Just a
> thought.
> Luke