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Re: Now Never returned to the wild

I will try to send this out I have been kicked off so much to day I think it
might be a conspiracy.  The water shed I was talking about is the result of
one man and his son and their love of the natural setting they live in.  Not
to mention lots of hard work and not a small amount of money.  I spent a few
nights there last week, it is a magical place.  At night you can sit on the
front porch of the old farm house, circa 1899, and here no man made noises at
all.  Just frogs, insects, and birds, I call it the sounds of silence.  Every
thing is there, huge old trees, tiny liverworts and everything in between.
You can watch male deer fight for dominance, and hummingbirds do the same.
Salamanders are under every flat rock, the creek is full of crayfish, insects,
and small fish.  I love it there, I hope to buy some adjoining land to retire